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Shaina Taub & her band perform ‘Friend Like Me’ from Aladdin

Turning Robin Williams into ‘Aladdin’s’ Genie


Did you know? That during this scene Scott Weigner (Voice of Aladdin) had do several takes before he could do his lines with a straight face? Reason why? During the Genie’s “Pep” Talk Scott could never keep a straight face for long and would end up laughing due to Robin Williams improvising his lines. To view that interaction click here!


Absolutely LOVE this part! LOL

To Genie from Aladdin: A Poem


You taught me things that magic never could.

You taught be an honest man, as every man should.

She fell in love with the boy from the streets

Saw past the rat, met Aladdin, and not just Ali.

"You’ve Never Had a Friend Like Me."

That’s the truth, and now that you’re free

Know that your soul is what made you “Genie”

Not power or wishes, not one, two, or three.


RIP Robin Williams.

But oh, to be free. To be my own master. Such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world.


Guys- I found a new Thor: The Dark World clip


R.I.P Robin Williams 


R.I.P Robin Williams 


"I'm going to miss you, Genie."
R.I.P. Robin Williams


RIP to this wonderful man. The face of childhood for many and a truly great actor. You will be missed. He was one of those people you could go to to make you laugh or simply put you in a good mood just by watching his movies or stand ups. Thoughts are with family and friends. Goodbye Robin Williams :( 

Robin Williams | 1951-2014
we ain’t never had a friend like him.


You ain't never had a friend like me

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Hommage a Robin Williams, by princekido